WSOP 2012 winner - Greg Merson

Texas Hold´em poker is one of the biggest games in the world with millions of people playing it constantly. You may think that it´s just people playing with family and friends around their tables at home, but the poker world is so much bigger than that. Many people play poker like a job at online sites like Betfair Poker where they play for real money. The game is not just one of luck, but also one of skill that comes from both reading the cards and their odds as well as the other people you are playing with while trying to predict what they will do. Because of this Texas Hold´em is actually a very dramatic game with many twists and turns, which has made it perfect for television subsequently most of the major tournaments are being seen by so many the winners often become celebrities themselves.

One person who just found himself in the limelight was player Greg Merson. Greg took down this year´s World Series of Poker main event beating over six thousand other players and taking home over eight and a half million dollars. This was Greg´s first major win at a live tournament as he primarily plays in online cash games like those found at Betfair. Greg dropped out of university in order to play poker full time, but was not successful so eventually went back to community college while still carrying on playing poker. Since then he has become a formidable force online winning many online tournaments.

Before his WSOP win he admitted to having been addicted to and successfully gotten over a cocaine addiction, so with the two wins at the WSOP and being named 2012 WSOP player of the year his life has had a massive swing of luck.