Finding Casino Free Spins Bonuses at specializes in online video slots machines, particularly those that you can play free like an arcade game. A second feature of the site is providing you with access to free spin bonuses.

What is a Free Spin Bonus? A free spin is a credit that you can use to play an online video slot machine. The benefit is that it costs you nothing but gives you a real chance of winning an actual jackpot. A free spin bonus includes at least one of these credits but usually includes more. A free spins casino is an online casino that provides these credits. Bonuses are available as no-deposit bonuses, welcome bonuses, reload bonuses and so forth.

How Do I Find Free Spin Bonuses? At Free Slots Planet, locate the menu bar at the top of the page. Navigate to the menu item labeled Casino Reviews, and then click the Free Spins Casino Bonuses submenu item. On this page, you’ll find the latest free spin offers from online casinos all across the Net. Each entry includes an explanation of the promotion, and it usually includes a review of the casino. If the promotion is machine-specific, it might also include a review of that particular slot game. Alternately, it is also possible to find these bonuses on Free Slots Planet in a more organic fashion. Simply peruse the hundreds of video slot machines available on the website, and then play any of the games that catch your eye. Most of the machines hosted here are sponsored by an online casino. Often, those casinos will market to the people playing their games. In other words, as you play, various free spin bonuses will become available to you.

What Else Should I Know about Free Spin Bonuses? Unlike free practice modes, free spins are usually not complete strings-free. An online casino won’t usually allow a new player to use a free spin and simply cash out a big jackpot. Generally, free spins have what is called a wagering requirement. If the jackpot was $10 and the wagering requirement was 10 times, then the player would have to wager $100 before they could withdraw the jackpot.